Rome Vacation Tips VIP Vatican Experience

Rome Vacation Tips VIP Vatican Experience
From EUR €70.00
  • Duration: 150 Minutes (approx.)
  • Location: Rome, Lazio
  • Product code: RVTVIPVATICAN

Experience the Vatican in a semi-private group on this VIP Vatican Experience. Forget the horrible experience of a large mass group tour and join this semi-private tour, giving you the ability to move at your own pace and ask your guide any questions you like.

We’ll begin this Vatican morning tour at the Museum, a labyrinthine complex featuring over 1000 rooms that cover a jaw-dropping four millennia. Those visiting unguided often find themselves dazzled by the plethora of works on display here – which can make it somewhat difficult to navigate. But our guides have curated a bespoke route through the museum that packs in all the best bits – without leaving you lost for hours in its maze-like corridors.

Our next stop is the world-famous Sistine Chapel, best-known for its sprawling ceiling art painted by Michalengelo in the 1500s. This seminal work is said to have changed the course of Western Art – which may sound a tad dramatic, but trust us: when you see it, you’ll believe it. The rules dictate silence upon entry to the chapel, which isn’t usually a problem – it’s sheer beauty leaves most speechless.

Tour includes exclusive skip-the-line tickets (only available through select Vatican Partners), enabling you to breeze through and get straight into the history.

We’ll finish in the central square, where you can bask in your wise decision to beat the morning rush and head off for a late breakfast or early lunch. Or sneak back to the hotel for a cheeky siesta.

This route covers about 2 kilometres in total and is conducted at a leisurely pace that is suitable for all. The tour duration is around 2.5 hours.

Please remember to cover shoulders and knees in line with the Vatican dress code.

Vatican Museum tickets and St Peter’s Basilica tickets are included.

If you would like to make a reservation for the same day or less than 12 hours before your desired start time, please contact Russell on 

+39 349 5182191

or Harry on +44 78916717883.